Are You a Hat Person?

I love hats.  I can easily spend an hour in a store. squealing in delight, trying them on, and checking out all their angles. When I first lift that hat from the shelf my mind fills with possibilities.  I see myself, a wind swept beach, a book. and an oversize straw brim shading my face … Continue reading Are You a Hat Person?


I've sat on the floor, against my door, tears in my eyes, my father dead on the other side My phone rings, that needy friend needing things Two words ended the conversation, I can't, followed by a bitch and cessation She didn't ask why, she didn't hear me cry, no need to say bye Twenty … Continue reading friends

Forgotten Wild Flowers (a childhood memory)

Three lines of cars circling the chapel, picking up kids and taking them home.  Helping them with homework and cooking their dinners. One little girl is sitting on the sidewalk waiting.  Every engine noise that goes by making her look up.  This isn’t her first time waiting, it isn’t her first time being the last one here.  She wants … Continue reading Forgotten Wild Flowers (a childhood memory)

Falls (a childhood memory)

Cool wet dripping emeralds Rushing, roaring over craggy rocks Crystals shimmering in dappled light Reaching, climbing, pulling Heart racing, breath heaving Icy cold, clear Rushing over bruised feet Sitting, waiting Not ready, letting go Falling, sliding Turning forever Over barbed spears, jagged rocks Splashing down into miles of glacial water Laughter, life Bubbling up Releasing … Continue reading Falls (a childhood memory)