Until This Life Is Done

cloudy conifers creepy dark
Photo by Spencer Selover on Pexels.com
I can’t see the colors in the sunset
I no longer hear the birdsong
The leaves on the tree, I don’t notice
It’s all been dark too long
Timing my goings to avoid them
Putting on a happy face
Conversations I never even hear
Faking smiles from place to place
Raw acid in my mouth
Bitter bile across my tongue
Burning on its way past my heart
Stealing the breath from my lungs
The world blurs at the edges
Taking on a water color hue
No focus point on the horizon
Smeared by my eyes leaking dew
Like an invader in my brain
Not enough room for two
Pulsing and throbbing every day
I no longer know what to do
So many that I need to take care of
And I love each and every one
But I am tired through to my soul
And I just want to be done
I read the words written by others
Then I stare at my blank sheet
So many thoughts rattle through my head
But I’m left feeling incomplete
Each and every thought, an itch
A twitch across my skin
Tightening and contracting
Until its paper thin
I don’t know what is coming
I don’t know what tomorrow will bring
I just don’t want to face it
I don’t want anything
But when the morning comes
I’ll rise again with the sun
I’ll face each day as I always have
Until this life is done

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